Finding the Gym

Where are We?

950 Kings Rd, Victoria, BC

V8T 2W6

Accessing the Main Entrance

  • From Kings Rd., turn into CDI College's parking lot (entry to lot will be via alleyway off of Kings Rd.)
  • Head toward the right side of the building - you will see signs on the building reading "Quadra Village Neighbourhood Gym"
  • Continue right, around the building, until you reach a set of double doors with an "Entrance" sign posted above      (See above image)

~ Please do not enter through CDI College ~


Parking is available FREE for user groups and their participants during booking times. 

  • Allotted spots within the CDI College parking lot are labelled "GYM"
  • Gym parking spots run adjacent to the gym, and continue around the right side of the building
  • User group participants are welcome to utilize remaining parking spots during times when CDI classes are not runnning (e.g. weekends, evenings etc.)
  • Please limit your use of the parking lot to the time of your event, class or other booking

Quadra Village Neighbourhood Gym