Quadra Village K to 5 Care During CV 19 Pandemic

Our Out of School Care is currently full. To be added to the waitlist, or for inquiries, please contact play@quadravillagecc.com.

Quadra Village Community Childcare (K to 5 Out of School Care Program) operates out of the Quadra Village Community Centre at  901 Kings road, only a few blocks from George Jay and Quadra Elementary. During the COVID 19 Pandemic we offer full day care.  Priority for spaces will  based on the criteria at the end of this post*


 For children in our care to:

  •  Be cared for safely in an enriching and nurturing environment
  •  Develop decision making and problem solving abilities
  •  Develop expression openly through art , media and other processes (socially, emotionally, physically, and creatively)
  •  Develop awareness of, and respect for diversity in cultures and beliefs
  •  Further enhance and refine physical development
  •  Develop respect, self-control, selfconfidence and sensitivity in their interactions with others.

During the COVID 19 pandemic we will be offering reduced ratios to create more space for children and allow for increased cleaning and handwashing to help reduce the spread of COVID 19.

Hours are 8:30-5:30 Monday to Friday (Closed on all government stat holidays)

*Criteria for children and families served during the COVID 19 Pandemic:

  • Tier 1 (highest priority): employed in Health and Health Services, Social Services, Law Enforcement, First Responders, and Emergency Response. For child care, Tier 1 also includes children referred by MCFD and Delegated Aboriginal Agency social workers. (For example, those who provide direct to public health services, like doctors, those who are health service providers like pharmacies, those who work in public safety like fire fighters and those who serve vulnerable populations like residential care for individuals with mental health and substance use challenges.)
  • Tier 2 (second priority): all other occupations not included in Tier 1 that are listed in the Essential Service Workers list. (This list includes grocery workers and others working as critical infrastructure service providers)
  • Tier 3 (third priority): all other families not employed in an occupation listed in the Essential Service Workers list. Accepting families in the third tier is not required but providers may offer spaces to parents in other fields of work who are unable to care for their children at home during this time.
  • In addition, Quadra Village Community Childcare will accept children from families that are a part of authorized care plans.